The day has finally arrived where my favorite workout is available to the public: INSANITY Fast and Furious. Over the last few months, I’ve been fortunate enough to test out this bad mother of a workout thanks to my man Shaun T. Shaun generously allowed me to kill myself with this 22 minute pre-release beast and take my fitness to a whole new level in preparation for the filming of INSANITY: The Asylum (coming soon). So, what can you expect from this fast and furious addition to the INSANITY total-body conditioning arsenal?

First, as I mentioned above, this DVD is 22 minutes. That may not sound like much, but like any INSANITY workout, never underestimate the creativity of the evil genius that is Shaun T. This man can make 30 seconds of a workout feel like three weeks. You literally go non-stop for 22 minutes, the only “break” being a brief stretch session following the warm-up. Well, calling it a warm-up actually is pretty hilarious, as this warm-up is harder than most people’s most intense workout.


“3, 2, 1…jog it out. LET’S GO!” And we are off ladies and gentlemen. For the next 22 minutes, we are GOING IN, as Shaun would say. First leg of the warm-up is running in place, while of course keeping the core nice and tight because speed and power is where it’s at with INSANITY. After 30 seconds of the run, it’s time to jack it out with good old jumping jacks. Before you know it, you’re right into 1, 2, 3 Heisman, but with a unique ab contraction/crunch variation instead of your typical INSANITY Heisman from the main program. I actually prefer this, as it works the core much better and I use it for all INSANITY workouts now.

INSANITY: Fast & Furious - Heisman

INSANITY: Fast & Furious – Heisman

Next, we are on to high knee abs with an imaginary jump rope. This is one of my new favorite moves that pushes you right up to that max and really gets the heart rate pumping. I go to battle with Anna since she has shorter legs and it forces me to try to trump her blazing speed.

30 seconds later comes the familiar Frog Squats for that plyo power. Almost immediately you transfer into a newcomer to the INSANITY scene—Plank Squats—which some of you may have experienced in Shaun T’s live workouts.

Okay… now go ahead and repeat that all over again!

INSANITY: Fast & Furious - Plank Squat

INSANITY: Fast & Furious – Plank Squats


At this point, don’t be scurrrred if you are completely depleted—it’s only the warm-up, after all. Now, you get to relax for a couple of minutes as you stretch through a condensed flexibility routine that should be familiar to INSANITY grads.

Don’t get too comfortable though. It’s almost time to rock and roll again! Now, the real workout begins…

INSANITY: Fast & Furious - Stretch

INSANITY: Fast & Furious – Stretch


It’s time to GO IN y’all and we kick it off right away with a full body drill of high knee abs to a low sprint, down to a floor sprint, and then on to moving push-ups. We repeat this combo for a minute and immediately move into Power Knees with Diamond Jumps.

INSANITY: Fast & Furious - Diamond Jumps

INSANITY: Fast & Furious – Diamond Jumps

Next up is Ski Abs, In-N-Out Abs, and Oblique Push-ups. By now, your body will be asking you to take a break; resist the urge, DIG DEEPER, and continue to push. After a few sets of these babies, it’s back up on your feet and into the infamous heart rate-boosting High Knee Obliques. Work those abs and twist those elbows with your hands high in front of your chin because the next set drops you down to Push-up Jacks with a jump (similar to 8 count body builders for our military friends). Just after you think you can do no more, your arms get a break…

your arms I said! Don’t think we’re taking a break though. The world’s wickedest challenge is up next with 1 brutal minute straight of Power Jumps. Just keep in mind that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

INSANITY: Fast & Furious - Power Jumps

INSANITY: Fast & Furious – Power Jumps

Before you have time to feel proud about surviving the last full minute, you are dropped into Football Runs, down to low plank, back up, and so on and so on for another eternity (60 seconds in real time), after which you drop right into Plank Punches to fry any remaining life out of your arms.

INSANITY: Fast & Furious - Plank Punches

INSANITY: Fast & Furious – Plank Punches

FINALLY, your last exercise remains with 100 meter dash sprints—as fast as you can. “On your marks, get set, GO!” Sprint as hard as you possibly can and let Shaun coach you to the finish line. You are now at 19 minutes, if you can believe that.


“If you’re sweating, embrace the sweat, because that means you just worked,” Shaun’s voice cracks, horse from the beast of a workout through which he just spoke. Damn is he right too. Don’t be shocked when you discover that your heart rate was at its highest point ever and you’ve burned almost as many calories as a full blown INSANITY Max Interval workout. Don’t collapse yet though because it’s time to cool down with an essential stretch session.

INSANITY: Fast & Furious - Cool-down stretch

INSANITY: Fast & Furious – Cool-down stretch

How to incorporate Fast & Furious into your routine

So, Fast and Furious is your new favorite ass-kicking, name-taking workout, but how do you fit it into your routine? While this varies from person to person, it is best suited for a few specific applications, the first being your go-to workout whenever you are short on time and find yourself debating skipping your training for the day. We can all find 20 minutes to exercise and there is absolutely no better application of that valuable time than to tackle Fast and Furious. Your goal should always be to make the most out of the minutes you dedicate to your fitness and Shaun designed Fast and Furious to do precisely that. He created it with the sole intention to get you where you want to go in the shortest amount of time possible. It will demolish calories and build you up more so than any other activity you could possibly do in that same timeframe. I hear the Men’s Warehouse guy even guarantees it.

Another terrific way to harness the power of Fast and Furious is to use it on alternate training days, such as with swim training. That way you’re ensuring a constant progression of the gains for which you have worked so hard with the full INSANITY program.

While Fast and Furious is not an end all substitute for INSANITY’s primary sessions, this particular workout adds an essential element to your training. Whether you are an elite athlete or perhaps just embarking on your fitness journey, Fast and Furious is something serious to bring to the table and secure the results you seek through explosive plyometrics and power, speed, and agility drills.

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, INSANITY Fast and Furious is your new best friend. Now go out there, kick some ass, and take a giant 20 minute step toward achieving your fitness goal! $19.95

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