March 17, 2010

My INSANITY transformation


I finally snapped some before and after photos of my INSANITY journey. These results are exclusively from INSANITY. This truly is the greatest workout I have ever discovered and as far as I’m concerned INSANITY will be a primary training regimen for life!

If you’ve been considering trying INSANITY, don’t wait another minute. I don’t care how you get it—just GET IT. Well, do so legally, of course…

You can also get the program right from my Beachbody Coach page as well, and honestly, I’d love nothing more than to Coach you through your 60-day journey!

Darren's INSANITY Transformation

About the Author

As founder and Executive Editor, Darren lives and breathes the motto of exceeding one's best and striving for better. This FITsanity trainer and Star Diamond Beachbody Coach is known best for his appearances in INSANITY: THE ASYLUM and the INSANITY infomercial, while coaching clients to success with their health and nutrition goals nationwide. His training schedule remains ever-growing in its intensity, fueled by a burning desire to propel himself and others to new physical and mental heights of accomplishment.


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  • deckyh

    amazing results man
    how many times did you do insanity to get the first after pic

  • brian

    impressive results Darren! I’ve been doing some of the workouts with my friends a couple times a week but haven’t attempted the formal program. With results like that, that’s an incentive to really do the program. :)

  • Maan

    Hey Darren! Insanity definitely did a pretty impressive job! I’m restarting my Insanity (yes, restarting) this July 1st. Hopefully I’ll finish the 60 days this time! I’ll be needing all the motivation and strength that I can get! Results, here I come! :)

  • Darren Natoni

    @Maan, that’s great news! Stay focused and remember to attack your nutrition with the same tenacity as you do your fitness. 80% of those results are determined by what you put into your body. 60 days is NOTHING to completely change your life, so HAVE FUN, DIG DEEP, and keep us updated on your progress!

    If you ever have any questions or need extra support, you can always contact me here or directly via my Beachbody Coach page.

  • Maan

    @Darren: Nutrition’s a little problem for me because I don’t choose most of the food to buy so I tend to improvise. But I still do my best to meet the 5 meals a day following the daily caloric needs I computed for myself.

    Nice success story on Insanity with your dad by the way! I remember watching the Committed videos over and over again. Very motivational. It’s good to have a buddy or 2 in working out. More difficult to workout when it’s just you, like myself. Motivation has to be more.

    Will keep you guys updated! I’m on my Day 3 now. Still digging deeper! :)

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  • Bobby

    Hey Darren, I’d first like to say Great Results man. I’m a sixteen year old guy about to start my second round of Insanity. The first round I lost about 20 pounds and slimmed down but now I want to lose the last bit and get really ripped like you did. I was wondering if you could give me any advice :)

  • johnique jordan

    Just saw from Shaun T that it’s your Birthday…Happy Birthday. Great job!